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Privileged geographic position.

“The Corredor Interoceánico de Guatemala is based on Guatemala’s geographic position”

Thanks to its geographic position, Guatemala expedites commercial trade among regions.  Therefore, competitiveness in transportation increases by providing a high-capacity alternate route to facilitate operation of large-tonnage ships offered by economies of scale.

Guatemala shortens the distance among regions, it presents infrastructure apt for large ships, and is positioned in a geostrategic zone for interoceanic transportation, providing the opportunity to complement current transportation routes with a competitive route.  This route, in terms of time and cost, in comparison to present routes, is represented as follows:
              Costs (Shanghai-New York):                                        
    • The Corredor Interoceánico de Guatemala presents savings in costs in comparison to the Panama Canal.
    • The Corredor Interoceánico de Guatemala presents savings in costs in comparison to the US Landbridge.

  Times (New York-Shanghai):

    • The Corredor Interoceánico de Guatemala presents savings time  in comparison to the Panama Canal.
    • The Corredor Interoceánico de Guatemalapresents savings in time in comparison to the US Landbridge.


Unique Legal Framework:

Guatemala has a legal framework which begins with the Constitution and encompasses ordinary laws which, juridically speaking, allow for implementation and development of Corredor Interoceánico de Guatemala, within a legal framework that knows no precedent.

Constitutional recognition of “private ocean-front property;” “Municipal Autonomy” of municipal districts; and the declaration of public interest concerning transportation systems (including maritime systems), based on “authorizations” and not “concessions,” make Guatemalan legislation favorable to our project.

Furthermore, there is an entire structure of legal regulations which provides the basis for each and every one of the products achieved in the process and implementation of this project, especially everything related to effective fulfillment of all regulations regarding the ENVIRONMENT.

Additionally, in reference to investments, Guatemala has several Bilateral Agreements regarding investment and has signed Free Trade Agreements which guarantee foreign investment made in Guatemala.

This overall Legal Framework provides foreign investors with legal assurance that duly guarantees
their investments.

Relevant articles:

Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala:
  • Article # 1: Supremacy of the common good.
  • Article # 2: Obligation of the State.
  • Article # 118: Orientation of the economy.
  • Article # 119: Fundamental obligations of the State.
  • Article # 121: State assets.
  • Article # 122: Ocean-front private property.
  • Article # 131: Transportation services.
  • Article # 253: Municipal autonomy.
  • Article # 254: Municipal autonomy.

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